Mentoring Sessions (ONE ON ONE)

A one-on-one relationship is developed and fostered between a mentor and a youth that is
learning entrepreneurship.


Gilles Evrard Essuman is a youth worker who has trained, consulted and participated in a
plethora of youth work projects across Europe. His field of expertise is social innovation, grass-roots’ movements and non-formal education for community participation in territorial development. He’s also a doctoral researcher and lecturer in economic geography at the university of Luxembourg.


> Develop a direct personal relationship
> Facilitate the belief that the youth have what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur
> Provide individual assistance, support and advice

Structure of the process:

Entrepreneurship provides a unique set of challenges that most would-be entrepreneurs
are neither able to foresee or equipped to deal with. For these reasons – among many
others – mentoring relationships provide a key best-practice for entrepreneurial education.
An entrepreneurial mentoring program seeks to pair youth with experienced entrepreneurs or former-entrepreneurs to provide knowledge, guidance, and a support structure for some of the unique challenges ahead.

The one-to-one mentoring goal is to provide inspiration, encouragement in entrepreneurship. The mentorship should encompass the full entrepreneurial life cycle – beginning with the empowerment of the aspiring entrepreneur and up to the creation and launch of the new venture. The relationship is encouraged to continue until as the enterprise grows from small to medium size and possibly beyond. The mentor should provide critical resources for young entrepreneurs, including knowledge-education,
experience-education, access to investors, and their flagship mentoring program.

Your Approach:

Our aim is to support youth entrepreneurial talent development as well help commercialisation of new ideas.


Written by: Gilles Essuman, RESOPA, France