The World Café

This is a group activity to generate collective emulation in order to identify problems and find out resources to solve these problems.


Mathilde Armengaud is a youth worker with great experience on local development projects, youth participation and issues related to culture and territorial resilience. Aside her numerous engagements in youth work and community volunteering projects, she’s also a Masters student in architecture.


> Emulation of collective intelligence
> Use group and cooperation to solve collective and individual problems
> Enhance work group and stimulate cooperation

Structure of the process:

All the participants are reunited in a big circle. The facilitator asks the group the different subjects they want to work on. Then, the participants form groups of 4 to 6 people. Each group will work on different questions.

The activity is divided into 3 parts.

First, each group will think together on a large question.

For example: „What are the motivations at the origin of the project?”

The second question is more focused on one thing: „Which are the problems that blocked the project to move on?” „What are the solutions to solve the problem?”

The third question leads to proposals which will lead the group to actions to make.

For example: „What are the resources that I can mobilise on this project?”

One person is nominated as the leader of the group, this person stays at his place. However, the other participants can move and choose another group of work. Between the sessions, the participants can have a 5 min break.

Your Approach:

To make it a bit more dynamic, choose a deadline for each question, as 5 to 15min, depending on the size of the group.

Don’t forget to use paper and pens to keep a trace of your work and activity and valorise the
collective work after it.


Written by: Mathilde Armengaud, RESOPA, France