How much do you know about creative entrepreneurship? We challenge you!

Answer to a set of 8 questions and compare your best score with that of our other users!

How much do you know about creative entrepreneurship? We challenge you!

Answer to a set of 10 questions and compare your best score with that of our other users!

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Embrace risk is important for your creative enterprise.

When you ask your community for funding, it is very useful offering a reward in return if they chose to give to you.

In order to communicate your creative work, it is important to:

Entrepreneurship competence refers to the capacity to act upon—-------------, and to transform them into—-----------------.

To build up a creative business, I need to make a plan, set achievable goals and actionable steps.

All fundraising platform can make sense for your creative project.

The key elements of entrepreneurship competence are : boldness, conventionality and pursuit of success.

A successful firm deserves a remarkable brand. It should:

Which are the European capitals of culture in 2022?

It can be helpful to run a mini SWOT analysis for competing business to know how each of their offerings are different from yours.

EU funds music projects. How?

First impressions count. Remember, your website should be —---------------- and —--------------

How can you build a culture of engagement in an online community?

Which of these is NOT a cultural demain of the European Statistical System network on culture:

The European Commission has developed EntreComp: the European Entrepreneurship Competence Framework as a reference framework to explain what is meant by an entrepreneurial mindset. Which are the 3 competence areas identified by EntreComp?

An entrepreneurial attitude is characterised by a sense of —-------------pro-activity, being forward looking, courage and —-----------in achieving objectives.

Using instagram as an artist:

How many books are published in the EU annually?

In your brand growing strategy is not so important to choose a good slogan:

You should ignore your previously network when decide to start your creative agency:

Which strategies can you use to promote online events and exhibitions?

If you want to prioritise your business ideas, you need to:

If a user posts a photo of your event on Instagram tagging you or using an ad hoc hashtag we can talk of “users generated content”.

EU funding programme “Creative Europe” includes the following sections:

How many creative projects have been backed up on Kickstarter?

What is the difference between the vision and the intention?

What % of all person employed in EU are employed in the cultural and creative sector?

What is important to create a sustainable artist space?

I am an artist but regarding business, it is better to follow traditional business ideas.

Participation in arts and cultural activities is a vehicle to reach broader social policy goals, such as social inclusion or active citizenship.

Entrepreneurial skills are founded on —--------- which includes —------------ and problem-solving within evolving creative processes and innovation.

In order to reach the press for your creative work you need to define who you are —------, highlight the —-- of your work and be —-----.

In order to keep healthy and enduring networking relations you should

When starting a creative business, knowing how you are going to execute your idea is more important than why it is worth committing.

In order to find the best producer for your creative idea it is important to:

How can a creative business reduce the risk of failure?

In order to be successful a creative business needs to?

A cooperative is a --------------owned enterprise that serves the interests of its —--------- and allows them to capture and keep the —----- they create.

Make sure you have at least —-------- of savings to cover your expenses before starting your business.

Which popular fundraising platforms can help you supporting your creative project?

Which is the largest employer among the creative and cultural sector in Europe?

Storytelling is a —--------to get people involved about the —---- you are creating